Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thus Spake Zechariah

Following in the footsteps of a chorus of JohnnyComeLately impostors feigning distress at the Alexandria attacks, Lebanon's President, Michel Sleiman, recently paid a visit to his nation's Coptic community. In a show of solidarity he had the bad sense to say that “Such crime targets the dialogue between religions that distinguishes our Arab world.” A crime that targets the what between whats that distinguishes what? Is he for real?

I have no idea what Sleiman has been smoking, but I'm wondering which "dialogue" that is so distinctive of his "Arab world" was the President of Lebanon referring to? Could it have been the 14 centuries of dispossession, marginalization, expulsion, and ethnic cleansing of indigenous Near Eastern Christians and Jews? If that's "dialogue", I'm afraid to peer into what the opposite of "coexistence" might look like in Sleiman's funky looking-glass!.

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